This question has always baffled me. May be the Bollywood effect, you can say. But I never understood this concept. I have this strange kind of feeling for people who say that Love can only be done once or for that matter only happen once.

True love, to me, can happen, as long as you want it to happen. You can love once, twice, thrice, depending upon your will to never cease in your efforts (in no way I am advocating two-timing here). The world is full of such wonderful people that you just can’t stop after failing in love, may be once or twice. Agreed, broken relationships give pain, heartbreak and what not. But, just why one should give up? It is not easy to forget a person you loved with all your heart but that is not where the world ends.

One should not lose hope when it comes to love. A lot of credit may be given to our movies, wherein love between two individuals is shown in such a manner as, if once you are dumped by your respective partner or are separated from him/her for any reason, you just run after spoiling your life or start running away from love.  That is ridiculous to me.

Failures are just a part of life, be it in relationships or business or any other aspect of life. The best thing is to fall again and again and get up with same enthusiasm and will. Media, Television, Movies and peer pressure has a big role to play and yes, their influence can just not be avoided. Love, rejection and heartbreaks have been portrayed so big, that people have started considering it as their soul motive. These things have just been blown out of proportion. Youngsters, due to peer pressure or any other reason falls into it, when they are not prepared for rejection, because they never take this thing into consideration.

Love is a beautiful feeling, be it between anyone. Getting rejected, dumped, ditched or whatever, you may call it, is just part and parcel of the game. Once heartbroken, no matter what I write, one cannot believe he or she can fall in love again until and unless it happens. You just need to give yourself and life a chance and trust me, it’s no big deal.

Paulo Coelho rightly said, “When someone leaves, it's because someone else is about to arrive.” So don’t close all the doors around you to stop the entry of the new one. Love and keep spreading love without being depressed and most important is, never lose hope and never stop believing in yourself and the power of love.

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    shanshaj2004 said...

    True love can happen as long u want it to happen ---lovely line --gud goin,keep writing :):)

  1. ... on 29 September 2012 at 22:34  
  2. Rebellious Submission said...

    Hey Shan,
    Thanks for stopping by..:)

  3. ... on 30 September 2012 at 01:10  
  4. Sanity said...

    You can and you will keep falling in love as long as you are full of love and you cannot vent it out. I'm advocating betrayal or cheating on one's love either but one never knows how and when will love bug bite. For most of the relationships I know start with impulse and end with a disastrous heartbreak.

  5. ... on 6 October 2012 at 00:54  
  6. Rebellious Submission said...

    yep, agree with you on that one..

  7. ... on 6 October 2012 at 00:56