There are times when you want to give up, give it all up.
You get weary of things and it gets difficult to take everything.

But still there is something that keeps you going

A small desire, a small wish

To feel the unfelt,
To see the unseen,
To hear the unheard.

How mysterious life becomes sometimes, how so unpredictable..
At times all you can do is just sit and wait for things to unfold.

How long will it take, you don’t know!!
How long will the suffering last? No clue!!
How long will it take for things to fall in place? I wonder!!
Will they, or won’t they ever? Hell knows!!

You just keep on pondering..deeper and deeper
The more you think, the more shitty life seems…
You try to remain calm, composed
But you lose it all one day!!

Wanna run, wanna hide,
But the truth is, there is no escape!!
You got to face it,

No matter how difficult or unbearable it is….

No matter you are standing in a world flooded with people,
But feels like standing in a no man’s land.

No matter you hear all voices around
and feel like they are coming from some place that is very very far from your reach…

But you got to take it all!!
That is the way it goes
You got to do it all

On your own!!

And that’s what help you come out as a better and strong person…..

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Not finding enough words to say...Just wanna wish a very Happy Birthday to you wherever you are..I am sure you must be way happy than being in the mortal world..Miss you and Love u lots...:) :) :)...

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