When faced with a challenge, look for a way, not a way out." - David Weatherford

Haven’t we all been through hard and difficult times? Aren’t there moments in our lives when we might have felt dejected by either someone saying negative things about us or there might be instances where we have experienced personal rejection that has made us feel low on confidence?

There are many things we face in life that put a full stop on our positive thoughts and we start to find life meaningless with no joy around. There might be 100 reasons for which you might feel negative like problem with job, love life, loneliness, loss of a near one, physical injury and sometimes we can’t even find a reason for being melancholic, but it is there affecting our heart and mind. These reasons surely may hamper our happiness and positivity.

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When we are going through a bad phase in life, it is very natural to be disappointed, regretful and nostalgic. We see our present having no meaning and all our thoughts lead to unhappiness and negativity rules our mind. Humans have emotions and these emotions lead to the fluctuation in our feelings and thoughts.

When we tend to let our happiness depend on a number of factors, it is when that things become difficult. When we let our happiness pass through a number of qualifiers to be able to get the right amount and at a certain level to be content, we fail and lose our power to be happy. I am surely one of those who do that and I want to write this as a reminder to me that nothing lasts forever and everything has to pass sooner or later.

Being happy in hay days is what all of us do, but if we make use of the capability we have been endowed by the Creator, that is the ability to be happy in the difficult times, world can be a better place. We need to have patience that whatever it is will pass soon and acquire strength to face things with a smile on our face.

There is no set formula to be happy as we hear in our lives. Happiness is within ourselves and we always have a choice to take it or leave it. It is not something that appears and disappears with changing times; it is there always, waiting silently to be picked. If we wish to be happy, there is nothing that can take us away from it, and if we wish to be sad (consciously or unconsciously), then there is nothing that can drive us to it.

There are a lot of reasons around us to be happy, which we often neglect. The best way to focus our attention to the joy in life is to build and elevate our desire to have it. The main obstacle we deal with in that process is our very own mind. A few things you can try doing to keep that happiness intact.
  •  Sit in a corner and evaluate your situation. Don’t fear, as it only makes the situation worse.
  • Look around and try to find the smallest of thing that you can feel grateful for, Sun, Moon, family, trees, birds, books, education, anything. It is a bit difficult to do in those rough times, but then nothing in life comes easy.
  •  Pamper yourself, feel special. Don’t let those negative moments take over your life and the feeling that you are what others can never be.
  • Look for reasons to smile and laugh, how difficult it may seem.
  • Help others in distress as nothing can bring happiness to life than putting a smile on the face of a person who needs it, no matter how broken you might be.
  • Make your happiness flexible to adjust in all times of your life. Never let it be a slave of circumstances and mood.
I agree some things are easily said than done, but isn’t it worth it a try? Isn’t it something we all should try doing for ourselves and the people around who like to see us smiling?

“I learned there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead, others come from behind. But I have bought a big bat.  I am all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have trouble with me.” ---Dr. Seuss

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    Anonymous said...

    so true, you will not know joy if you don't know pain..

  1. ... on 27 October 2012 at 23:47  
  2. Hiren Chauhan said...

    I must say this has struck a chord. Beautifully written. A reality that every knows, every single person wants to be happy but they rely on others. They feel what if he/she loves me the way I do, what if even I'd this much salary, what if I'd be so beautiful,but the fact is, we are all what we have got, we just are not satisfied with happiness within us. The line, the ability given by the Creator to be happy in difficult times says everything. You said you are writing this as a reminder for yourself, but trust me it would help many people to be happy and love themselves. I'm one of them. Keep up the good work going, may happiness be your worst tenant and never leave your soul. :)

  3. ... on 28 October 2012 at 14:38  
  4. Vikram Baheti said...

    Very well written :)

  5. ... on 28 October 2012 at 22:10