Eyes met
Words ceased to come out,
Emotions traveled
right from the heart
to be reflected through spark in the eyes
And smile on the lips.
How beautiful can be the voice of silence
All was expressed
Noting was said…

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I have told you this a 100 times for now,
yet I will say innumerous times more
Nothing I hold in my heart for you,
Nothing but love.

Every bit of it is true,
Every feeling,
Every emotion,
Every word I say to you.

Your smile is a reason to hope
Your eyes, holds the answer to every question in my heart
Your touch, a doorway to heaven
Your words, soothing eternal music,
melodious enough to travel all the way to my soul.
Your presence, the reason behind every smile 
that adorns my lips. 

I can hear our hearts beating fast
When our bodies come in unison
The smell of your skin,
The sound of your breath,
The way you caress
My fragile heart

Enough reasons you have,
to keep me going
With your presence.
Enough reasons I have,
to not stop myself
from falling in love
with nothing and noone
but you..

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She raised her eyelids
slowly n gradually

To fill her eyes
with the serenity 
lingering on his face.

A small smile began
to dance on her lips
as she
beheld the sight
she always
dreamt of.

The innocence,
the truth,
the touch of love
has all swept her
off her feet.

Now she lay
calmly there
in his arms
that means
the world to her.

Dreaming of nothing
but a better tomorrow...

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