I am falling short of words to write about what happened in Delhi recently. A 23 year old girl being brutally raped by 6 psychos (I wanted to use all the slangs and abusive words available in the language) and her male friend being beaten up badly in a moving bus. It shattered me from inside when I read that news. More disturbing was the fact that people didn't even care to attend to them and they were lying for one hour on the road, this is the extent of insensitivity we have developed. And to add insult to injury, the ones who have committed the act are not even ashamed of what they have done.

I don’t want to say what could have been done and what should be the future course of action (I leave it all for the politicians and the media and the Bollywood and other attention seeking institutions, because they are good at that and it is their job).  Being a girl is becoming difficult with each passing day in this country. All this protest will die in a few days and people will again be back to their normal lives and will wake up again when any such act takes place in future. That is what we have become accustomed to, living with eyes shut. We discuss, we give verdicts, and it all dies out. This is the one that has come to light and there are 1000 others that are not even noticed.

This is an act of the lowest degree. Being a girl I can understand what the millions like me have to go through every day. When I go out, I know I will be stared at; will be touched intentionally in a crowded bus or place and yes, even temples. That is what girls in India are used to, as this is a part and parcel of our daily lives and “side effect” of being a girl.

I know the orthodox ones will come out with the logics like; rapes happen due to the provoking clothes of girls or may be girls should not go out after 8 or 9 pm. Oh yes, and the Khaap Panchayat logic, that rapes happen due to the increasing intake of Chinese food (then I guess, China should have been a country of rapists).

Do we really expect our politicians to do something big about it and pass a strict law? I am afraid. I saw a pic in the newspaper this morning of Mr. Rajeev Shukla smiling when all this was being discussed in the Parliament. If Lalu can shout at the top of his voice against corruption even after being a prime accused in the fodder scam, when A Raja and others can be out of jail after serving a few months imprisonment, when Kalmadi can dream of again being in power even after the CWG debacle, shaming the country on a world platform, I don’t have much to expect from the people in power.

All I can do is just pray for the girl and his friend and for many others like them who bear such acts silently. The physical injuries can be healed, but not the mental ones. And hoping against the hope I wish our judiciary system and the Government open their eyes and do something to make this country safer for girls and women. Talking and discussing will not take us anywhere, but acting surely will. 

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    Tattooed Mind said...

    Yes Richa,this is indeed very depressing... The condition of our capital...But nothing can help it unless the judiciary system changes... The verdicts for crimes like these should be instantaneous. Immediate public castration and mutilation.Animals like these should be treated like animals.

  1. ... on 19 December 2012 at 16:29  
  2. Rebellious Submission said...

    All this cannot happen in a country governed by self-motivated, bureaucratic, pocket filling bunch of idiots..

  3. ... on 19 December 2012 at 16:56  
  4. Vintage Sorrow said...

    This incident is just so sad and sick :( Makes you think what has become of this world..

  5. ... on 19 December 2012 at 19:36