It’s past 3 am, not sleepy at all. Another of those sleepless nights. Everything seems to be going away and everything seems to have fallen apart. What one can do if one’s own goodness becomes a reason for disappointment? Are good people only born to suffer? Is there no one who values a good heart? Can’t take human existence around me now. It’s better to be alone, than to be with people who don't give a fuck about you. Charles M Schulz said it aptly, “I love mankind, its people I can’t stand.”  It is becoming more and more difficult for me too to stand people. Not giving up on people too soon, enough time and enough chances I have given. I don’t know how good or bad it is to be only with yourself, to be in a shell. Like it or not, I am or I will, willingly or unwillingly, soon be losing it all. Mankind is good, I feel, but people, they are just unbearable. Fake people, fake realities, fake existences, fake things, fake friends, fake relations, fake truths, fake smiles, fake love, fake appearances, fake promises,  fake emotions, each and everything that I see around is so meaningless and so worthless. Difficult for me to survive here.Just lost in this fake and pretentious world.

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    Anuroop reddy said...

    you were probably in a depressed mood i guess,when you wrote this post.

    Still i can relate to this post.

    Nice blog you have here :)

  1. ... on 16 October 2012 at 22:24  
  2. Anuroop reddy said...

    A suggestion, please remove the Comments filter.

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  4. shanshaj2004 said...

    Wonderful Words to read and feel --TIme will change -Keep Writing

  5. ... on 18 October 2012 at 11:47  
  6. Raghav Pai said...

    I understand that. But one thing I observed is, 'your happiness is depending upon others'. Why don't live for yourself? :) Love yourself more than you love others. You know, when the life ends, it is only your soul journeys.. no other soul partners you.. Feel the sweetness in Loneliness.. Like the picture you added for this post.. ;)

  7. ... on 22 October 2012 at 22:13