The loneliness of nights is hard to escape. No matter how hard I try, no matter how hard I run.
But from whom I am trying to run? Who is it I am so afraid to face?

World?  No
Society?  No

None of the so called, friends, foes and lovers
It’s the one I see in front of me in the mirror every day.

You can run from love, you can run from life;
But how you can run from yourself?

How is it to run from a person constantly chasing you in your thoughts, your mind and in your heart?
Pushing you every day, asking questions from you about what you have made of yourself and why?

In the daylight, in the presence of the Sun, these questions subside or gets unnoticed among the routine life.
But comes with Moon, a trail of fearful confrontations.
About life, love, happiness, feelings, future, past and present.

Whole of the night passes in finding answers to these questions, which for years still remains unanswered.
Emotions change from sadness to tears, from fear to anxiety;

Until the eyes are again ready to face the shining sun, passing on new hopes.

And I, like a lost and dead soldier lying hopeless in the battle field of life, half dead, half bruised,
Feels scared to catch those rays of hope.

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    kally donaldson said...

    hmmm.... PHOBOPHOBIA... the fear of been afraid.

  1. ... on 21 October 2012 at 00:51