My other self talks to me
Amidst the silence of these lonely nights,
My other self talks to me of events and days undefined.
Of the time wen I used to feel so blue,
Where nothing was fair 
N nothing was true
I was kicked, I was stabbed 
I was hurt, I was nagged.
Of cynicism I developed over the years,
For the world was nothing but just so weird.
Of the moments of smiles
And the days of tears
Of the wonderful times that were so very near...
I enjoy these conversations that make me feel so full of flesh,
For who knows me better,
Than my other self..

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    Tattooed Mind said...

    Nice one, Richa.. Although the other self has seen the worst, it always is precious as it has shown one his/her strengths

  1. ... on 30 December 2013 at 20:26