From the skies above
Descends a maiden sublime,
Laden with Pearls
And the aura so divine.

Slowly she made her way
Through those dusty lanes.

Who was she?
What was it
That made the
Beauty of such
Class and grandeur
Walk those pebbled roads?
Wondered each soul.

What was it
That her eyes
Searched for?
A prince?
A sage?
Or a man
Equally divine?
It was beyond the reach of
Mortals to comprehend.

A mystery
She was,
Awaiting to be explored
A riddle
To be solved,
A question
Waiting to be answered.
A desire 
She was
Of every eye that followed.

And she,
She left them all
Only to disappear
Into those
Thick white clouds.

Looking for a new abode
Searching a new destination,
Deserving and peaceful.

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