Some are seen with closed eyes,
Some are open eyes’ delight.

Some carry hopes for future,
Some are nightmares from the past.

Some are rays of the rising sun,
Some are shadows of the dusk.

Some we wish to wipe from our memories.
Some are the companions in life’s journey.

Some nurture our soul,
Some break our heart.

Some take us through the territories unknown,
Some make us repeatedly walk the forgetful roads.

Some pull you up,
Some get you down,

Some are hazy,
Some are luminous.


Weapons of the strong hearted,
Escape of the weaker souls.

How limitless and timeless,
The bonvoyage of the soul,

Inseparable, unavoidable.
A mystery waiting to be resolved.

A sane world awaiting the transformation to insane reality.

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    kally donaldson said...

    hmm, I cant imagine a world or life without dreams...

  1. ... on 23 May 2013 at 01:08