So, I complete 27 years of my mortal existence today. 30th June 1986, I was born on a day that divides year into half :P. Don’t know but being 27 seems like a big thing. But as they say, age is just a number. If I see my life from last birthday to this, a lot has changed. Lost dad, which is something irreplaceable and was a sudden blow. Got engaged recently, which is another life changing event.

I learnt a lot of things in past one year (some of which I already knew, but never paid attention to or used to take them for granted). Learnt to value my loved ones more, learnt to say all the good things I hold in my heart for people I love, learnt that nothing lasts forever, learnt to make memories and cherish them and value life a little more, became a little less fearful about things, learnt that life is all about survival, being patient and being strong. Feel a lot stronger from outside and at the same time a lot weaker from inside, learnt to control my emotions, learnt to spread more happiness around, learnt that negativity leads to nothing but more negativity.

Still a lot needs to be learned and still a lot of things need improvement. Going forward, I see a lot of big changes coming my way. Hope I keep pace and adapt to them and do all my duties and responsibilities to the best of my capabilities. 

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    shanshaj2004 said...

    Happy bday richa .Congrats on gettin engaged .hope everythin will be better from here on !!

  1. ... on 30 June 2013 at 16:40