“Relationships”, well, we all deal with them all through our lives. We give them all the names available in the dictionary (not necessarily, some names we create on our own). We have mother, father, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, next door neighbour, friend, best friend, not so good friends, by the way friends, love, time pass gf/bf, Rakhi brother( that’s the most weird according to me) and what not. We humans are expert at giving some name or the other to the acquaintance we share with all the people we meet at some point or other in our lives.

But there is one thing which goes beyond my understanding, is it always necessary to give a name to a relationship? Why we have to restrict a relationship to a name? Are there relationships which are difficult to explain to yourself leave apart others?  Blood or otherwise. Are there relationships beyond name or beyond a word that language can describe? Well the answer for this to me is ‘yes’. Many of you might agree to disagree with me and some, well, might connect to what I have to say.

A relation can never be restricted within the boundaries of a name. Why is that you have to name something just because it is difficult to explain to the world what the other person means to you, and to explain them you use a word to comfort their mind. Many of us might have felt at some point in our lives, difficult to name the bond we share with the other person. A person with whom we share, for whom we care, with whom we feel some sort of connection or attachment that’s more than friendship, and yes even more than what love is to the mortals. But we name it because we are answerable to the society and to ourselves too.  No matter we keep on arguing within ourselves- is it really what we are naming it?? And to avoid those inner conflicts we accept that name and put a full stop to those arguments going within and start behaving as per the rules of the world.

It a bit satisfying and comforting to be not able to find a name for what we share with the other person, because that makes one realise the importance and value of that person. One do feel like caring, sharing, understanding, fighting, and love but yet can’t think of an appropriate name to describe what exactly the feelings are.

 I don’t want to go by the ways of the world rather believe in going by the flow. Do what my heart says. I don’t know whats right and wrong is, coz no one can ever state that in clear terms. What is wrong to me might be right for the other person and vice versa.

Language as well as the boundaries of defined relationships has their limitations. Sometimes you don’t get any right word to express what you feel about someone. But only those with independent thinking can experience these things. When you are not bound by any name or a tag, you feel free to express yourself. It gives you the freedom to bare your heart in front of a person you feel the closest to. You don’t have to feel- Oh!! He is my friend I might hurt him or Oh!!  He is my this or that, he might take me wrong.

So from next time, when you don’t find any name to express your relation with a person to the world, or are in a dilemma as to how to go about it, take your time, relax and go where your heart takes you. Don’t stress yourself to fit into those water tight compartments created by the world.  Feel free to love, care, share and understand and open your heart. As Shakespeare rightly said,

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

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